Hola! I'm Cin and I am the founder and creative mind behind Lunita Calligraphy. I’m originally from Cd. Juárez, México and I’ve been living in Austin, TX since 2014. Some of the things I absolutely love are: graphic design, dogs, working out, all the boho vibes, photography, and modern calligraphy.

I’ve always been the girl doodling all over notebooks—during meetings specially—or basically on any random piece of paper I can find; for me lettering has always been so natural that I never realized that it was actually a thing people do and get paid for it …
I was like what?! somehow I figured it out and well, here I am now.

I’m a creative pretty much by heart and my passion for designing and bringing to life all these pretty things can't be put into words!

This lettering adventure started as a hobby when my husband gave me a set of brushes and watercolors for valentine’s day, so I began playing with my watercolors, eventually learned new techniques, and quickly began to fall in love with it. Not very long after that, I started to practice calligraphy, and it was then when I realized that this was truly my calling! I enjoy every-single-thing about it because there is something new to learn or create every day!

Lunita truly fills my heart, and bringing your vision to life is my goal. I’ll work my heart out to guarantee you absolutely love your product.

I'm pretty open-minded and I love challenges, if there is anything you have in mind let me know! I'm sure we can work something out to bring your vision to life!

peace & love!